The First Time

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3855 N. Lincoln Avenue 11.16.22 $15 at door / $12 on the Martyrs' website 7:30 p.m.

First Family


The First Time is CHIRP Radio’s Live Lit and Music series. Created in 2010 by former Events Director, Jocelyn Geboy, The First Time pairs a reader’s personal story about a specific "first time" -- a different "first" for each show -- with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by The First Time Three. The band takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements, so it is hard to tell which the audience enjoys more: the story or the song.

Advance tickets for the show are available on the Martyrs' website.

The First Time is produced and directed by Julie Mueller with Assistant Producer Bobby Evers and Host Jenn Sodini.

If you'd like to provide press coverage, or if you have any questions about the event, please contact us and Julie will reply.  

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